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Paid ship item forms

Solution Ship Dry-dock Modules are purchasable from Friedman in Free Market for 1 credit.

The Ship Dry-dock Module costs 20 Space Points to use. Space Points are purchasable here:

Once you have the item, dock somewhere and put the item on a ship that isn't the one you want to item form. Then use the item, select the ship you want to item for from your the list. A confirmation box will present itself.

Please double check before doing this. It will destroy all items on the ship and can be a difficult process to reverse.

Ship item forming can be delayed by a few seconds while checks are performed to validate the process.

If the process started, but wasn't finished and you were charged, or the server crashed and rolled back to a state before you used the Ship Dry-dock Module, your Space Points should be automatically refunded. If they aren't, please create a support ticket detailing what happened so we can sort it out.
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