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Paid Augmenter Reset

Solution An Augmenter Retrieval Module is an item purchasable from Friedman in Free Market that will forcibly unequip all augmenters on any one ship that you use it on.

The Augmenter Retrieval Module costs 60 Space Points to use. Space Points are purchasable here:

Once you have the item, dock somewhere suitable for removing augmenters and use it on the ship you want to de-aug. A confirmation box will present itself.

Augmenter resets can be delayed by a few seconds while checks are performed to validate the process.

If the process started, but wasn't finished and you were charged, or the server crashed and rolled back to a state before you used the Augmenter Retrieval Module, your Space Points should be automatically refunded. If they aren't, please create a support ticket detailing what happened so we can sort it out.

In Lyceum, Augmenter Reboot Modules are available, these are free to use but will destroy your augmenters, permanently.
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