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Cannot connect to server

Solution Connection problems are often caused by firewalls. Your operating system, security software, or router may have a firewall blocking your Star Sonata client from connecting to the server. If your client does not connect to the Star Sonata server try downloading it again. Please go to the Star Sonata web site and download the client from

By actually downloading the client from the web it eliminates some of the issues that can prevent connectivity, such as DNS and routing issues.
Now install the Star Sonata client and try again.
If this does not work it is likely you have a firewall issue or your ISP (Internet Service Provider) has an issue. The next step is to confirm your firewalls on any and all equipment allow the proper ports for Star Sonata to work are available. Star Sonata needs TCP port 3030 open to work.

Check your Windows built in firewall first. You can find out how to check it by following these links:

WARNING: Changing firewall settings improperly can affect the security of your computer and network. Be careful. All changes are made at your own risk.

Windows 98 No stock firewall

Windows 2000 No stock firewall

Windows Vista
Windows 7

Aftermarket Software Firewalls

Home Routers
There are so many routers you will have to find your model (but this will get you closer)

After you are sure your router is set up correctly contact your ISP and tell them the problems you are having.
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